Are Your Kids Drinking Enough?

It seems to be the norm this summer.  I have children running in and out of the house and I spend most of my time yelling the standard, “Are you trying to cool the outdoors or are your trying to heat the house?”  My volume increases as we get the bill from the power company.  I am not sure if today is any different as we approach the 100 degree mark and I sit here wondering whether I have actually heard or felt the air conditioner turn off in the last three days.  These may be typical thoughts and reactions as a Dad, but what we really need to pay close attention to as well as the heat index, is whether we are watching our kids close enough.

My kids seem to hate water.  They want Kool-Aide, or Gatorade, or whatever might have a sweetness to it.  They don’t seem to be hydrated in the proper ways.  I am not posting this to show my failure as a parent , but to make sure that we pay attention to the kids and their needs on summer break.  I have tried hard to make the kids drink more water this summer.  I have actually made it a toll for going outside to play.  Before you go outside you need to drink 12 ounces of water.  This is usually followed by, “Can I have [insert sugary drink name here] instead?”  I have to play the bad guy and make them drink the cool and clear H2O.

As we experience more and more heat and the temperatures continue to rise, let’s not forget to hydrate.  Our kids need someone responsible to help them.  If you know of anyone responsible, please send them over to my house. Now let’s talk about sunblock.



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