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Tshaka Armstrong

So, I needed some words to put here to tell you guys about myself. Being a writer, I had to think to myself, “Do I go sappy? Do I roar? Mix of both?” I mean, I’m putting forth my image and hoping to endear you to my message, right? Wrong. Yeah, I think I’ll have to go with that. No sugar coating here. I got married young because I truly did like (albeit a WHOLE ‘LOT) the gal who was carrying my/our child. I say “like” because I had every intention of marrying her, but we had just decided that it would be later rather than sooner and to be honest, at 19 I had no idea what love really was. That all changed when we got the news.

Even as a young dad I was passionate about fathering, but it was really hard to find peers who felt the same at twenty so often I felt all alone in this “dad’s life.” I would try to get other dads together to connect, but often it just didn’t happen. Also, I was a boy learning how to be a man on the job which led to a wife who was frustrated with her husband more often than not. We’ve gone through some rough times and both as a father and a husband I’ve had to learn so much but it made me who I am today: the blessed husband of an awesome wife, the proud father of 3 amazing children and a man fanatically passionate about fatherhood and dads being each other’s cheerleaders.

On any given day you can find me posting internet & tech family safety info, or chatting with my tweeps when I’m not dadvocating here. Join in the conversation, drop me a line, share a joke and join me in encouraging each other to be awesome!

Josh Becker

I am first and foremost a husband and father. Next to my wife the two most important people in my life are my two year old, Olivia, and my one year old, Jake. Following four long years of unsuccessful pregnancies they came into our lives and we are forever grateful. They are the reason I am here sharing my experiences with you. I have a background in IT followed by 10+ years of Program Management experience at various Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 Companies. When I’m not at work I enjoy cooking, wine tasting, photography, downloading the newest app to my iPhone, and of course making myself look stupid to get a laugh out of my children.

Any other time in the day you’ll find me talking about Olivia and Jake on my Daddy Blog or Dads Talking. I’d love to hear from you so please drop me a line. After all, we’re Dads Talking!


Adam Cohen

I’m a dad. I love my child. Everything else doesn’t matter.






Jim Turner

I am the head of One By One Media, which began in 2004. I am a social media consultant and professional blogger who is making his living working in advertising, public relations, marketing and other business circles, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, large agencies and startup companies. More than 20 years of working in the law gave me the management and leadership skills needed to successfully guide companies through the Web 2.0 business space. I also serve on the advisory boards of several companies, helping them adapt to the new social media environment.

I live in Colorado with my wife and four children. My kids have been a part of my blogging life since my two older children were very young. I shared with the world my younger two child entering into our family through blogging. I love being a Daddy and it has turned out to be the best job I have ever had.

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