How Many Children? Duggars Rounding Up

I hang out at many networking events and undoubtedly the conversation comes around to children.  We often fall back on that subject when we tire of the business conversation and you will find that we parents often like talking about that because we can identify better with the person we are speaking with when we talk “kids.”  We can all identify with the trials and tribulations of parenting and it gives us a chance to boast of our children, show their pictures and talk of the many antics we have experienced.  In fact, that is part of the reason parent blogging is so popular–we love to talk about our kids.  I am never surprised when after describing the fact that I have four kids 12 and under that most reactions are along the lines of “WOW!”  Yeah, I say that to myself all the time.  I usually add the quip of, “We found out what was causing our kids and put a stop to it right away!”

This is not so much the case with the Duggar family.

This for many would be the ultimate nightmare. They announced recently they are pregnant with their 20th child.  I am trying to do the math in my head for the number of diapers that family has changed over time, and wondering how much laundry a family of 20 children might have and how many loads that entails?  I am wondering how Mommy is holding up over 20 children, her body providing the calcium and nutrients to build 20 children in her womb.  As I began to fathom all these questions I began to wonder the sanity of the parents.  Is this healthy for anyone?  At some point those children would begin to question their own identity.  How do they stand out in a family of 20?  How can they feel appreciated and loved when they are fighting for that biscuit on the table at meal time?  I know that this is like the 8th wonder of the world situation and that they are getting much press, but really?  Is this a good thing?  Is 20 really necessary?  The family said God has blessed them, but has God really blessed them?  I’m not sure.  What do you think?  I question their sanity, their reasons, and how they continue to keep up this pace. Would you want 20? They travel the country giving their parenting advice and promote their DVD’s and books and television show.  I have some parenting advice for them-STOP!

Photo via Discovery News

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