We’re Legends In Our Own Minds!

That is, according to a study done by TeleNav just in time for your summer argument road trip! In the study, titled “Navigation of the Sexes,” 85% of male respondents stated that men were better behind the wheel with only 15% of them doffing their caps to the ladies’ driving prowess. Women were much more level-headed about the whole affair with 43% stating that men were the better drivers and 57% more confident in a woman’s touch on the road.

To me, and I’m sure, many of you, the meat of this study is where they took a turn down that road many of us travel more often than we’d like… on the road arguments (now that’s road rage)! Oddly enough, bad driving arguments were not atop the list? I know.. whodathunk!?! Claiming the top spots were: Other, “ongoing disagreement before getting in the car” and that age-old firestarter “refusing to stop for directions.” To check out the list in greater detail, there’s an awesome infographic for you below (click on it and watch it grow). Because, you know, who doesn’t love it when we get all infographicy?

For the full report, you can check out the article HERE.


[via TeleNav]

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