Do You Friend Your Spouse’s Facebook Friends?

So, my wife and I were having  an amusing conversation today that sparked this post. I was telling her how I “friended” an old school chum (with whom I have no “history”) on Facebook and a few days later, her husband sent me a friend request. Out of respect, I accepted it, but I DON’T KNOW THE GUY. I’ve never even held a conversation with the lady I “friended.” It’s become more of a curiosity to find people you used to know in grade school and kind of see how they’re doing today. More of a novelty than anything. Heck, I’ve had old school chums, male and female alike, who’ve sent me friend requests and we’ve never exchanged one message, poke or wall post, thus strengthening the idea that in some regards Facebook has become what that site, Classmates probably wanted to be. It’s not only a place to keep up with family and current friends but a way to reconnect (even if only VERY superficially) with friends from days gone by.

Our conversation got me wondering what other people thought about that. If a guy your wife knew in grade school sends your wife a friend request, do you have to be his “friend” as well? Moms…how about you? I guess the deeper question for me is, “Why?” Why would you feel the need to send a friend request to a total stranger just because they sent your wife a friend request? I mean, there are the obvious reasons I guess. Fear of infidelity. Past transgressions forcing you to be cautious about present day “connections.” You know, the usual. But beyond that, why would you engage in this behavior? Don’t get me wrong, offline I see nothing wrong with a married couple being friends, or at least knowledgeable of each other’s friends, but is the online realm just an extension of that. Let’s have an honest dialogue here. I’d really like to know (below in the comments section of course).

Aaaand, go!

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