Developing Creativity Using Technology


We’re back with Microsoft, Asus and SAY Media as they ask dads for our opinion on tech! I mean, that’s what many of us are talking about on twitter these days… are brands really listening to us, the other half of the equation? This is your chance to sound off!

Today, we’re taking a look at tablets again and asking the question, “What best develops kids’ creativity? Which apps available for tablets, or what best use do you think can help develop children’s creativity? For me, reading and music are definitely great for developing kids’ creativity. Both allow youths to exercise their imaginations and flex their mental muscle. Music allows children to expand their minds as they learn to read notes and then take them and compose their own songs or put their own spin on classics while reading also allows them to expand their minds, but by visiting new worlds found within the virtual pages of e-books and the newer digital comicbooks.

I think the world of the touch interface really opens up so many options for new paradigms in how children will interact with information and learning applications but I’d like to know what you think! Let us know in the comments how you think tablets can best help develop kids’ creativity.

So, what do you say?   Your answer to the question asked of our editor, which activity best develops kids’ creativity using a tablet, is (you can leave your comment on the homepage in the Asus Conversations module pictured above)…

Full disclosure: Though the opinions expressed were solely my own, this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate.

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