To Our Veterans…

“Thank you” isn’t enough. For those of you who have been injured in combat, scarred, or given the ultimate sacrifice so people like us are able to speak freely about fatherhood and whatever else is on our minds, “thank you,” isn’t enough. We turn our thoughts and hearts to your sacrifices today and thank you for your service!

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we thought we’d put up this interview we shot with Lt. Col. Andre Dean, US Army. Not only is he a Ranger and Pathfinder…. he has TEN children! Ten! He’s an active father, having jumped on Facebook and into social media because he wanted to keep up with what his children were doing. This gentleman is ten shades of awesome, so check out the vids below and enjoy!

In this video below, Lt. Col. Dean talks about being a dad.

If you are a vet, or active duty and want to tell your story, please visit or Army Strong Stories for those serving or having served in the US Army.

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