What’s Important to Your Kids? Tell Them You Won The Lottery!

There is quite a bit of discussion going on in the world right now with the thought of winning the lottery.  Not just any lottery but a lottery estimated at about $540M. Even in U.S. Dollars, that is a lot of money.

I can remember when I was a kid, the though of being a millionaire was unfathomable.  Nobody was a millionaire except for the very elite of the world.  In today’s world of Internet celebs, sports stars, and Hollywood starlet’s, a million dollars might get you through the end of the week or it might pay last month’s mortgage.  Yeah I am that old.  $500 Million on the other hand is still a large pot of gold to many, unless of course your name is Jordan, Zuckerberg or Gates.  With that said, I mentioned to my kids that we had purchased a lottery few lottery tickets and asked them what they would do if they had the winning ticket.

The responses were a little off the wall.  I really know now that the kids value some things over others and that they really have everything they really want now, except for that two flavored gum or that life size Lego sculpture of the Millennium Falcon (actually that was my idea).  The most popular answer these days is that they want a big flat screen they saw at Costco.  You know that one that is about 70 inches and plays all the favorite animated movies when they go into Costco?

I can remember when I was a kid, I wanted to buy the Wonka Factory, or perhaps buy or build the bat cave that Batman had on his show (yes, again, I am that old).  It spurred thoughts of buying things that were so out of this world for me that my friends and I actually sat around for days at a time and thought about what we would do if we were rich.  It is not as different for me now but my priorities have change a little.  Now I think of paying off the mortgage, making sure I had all the bills taken care of and that my family was healthy and happy and then I would do something charitable.  I am sure your thoughts have changed but let’s take a moment and see what is important to your kids.  Go ahead ask them and see what they say.  I would love to hear about it too.  Post your comment below about what they want.  If you don’t ask them, what would your answer be?  I just gave you the winning ticket, what would you spend your money on?

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