What Is Dads Talking?

Yes I know, many of you have been quick to say that this is “Dads Talking” but it looks more like”Dad Stalking?”  Shame on you!  Actually, to be brutally honest part of the reason that it has sat dormant in my URL storage and has only been a place holder here at this location since February of 2007 is because I always laughed at what a stupid URL that was and how I should never drink and purchase URLs.  Three years of waiting for a launch that has never happened resulted.  The something cool happened, Dads started talking.

I intended this to be a podcast back in 2007 when I first started testing and toying with the podcast world.  I have been a Daddy blogger at Genuine Blog for quite some time and wanted to get into the world of podcasts.  I always have a much easier time talking than writing.  right at about this same time I decided to leave my real world job of big company and law firm to see out my passion of being my own boss and being a business owner full time.  I was going to embark on a passion of blogging and make it a full time job.  Bloggers For Hire was becoming a handful to only have as a part time gig.  Dads Talking was shelved for another time and another place.  Apparently, that time and place is now.

Jessica Smith is saying that 2010 is the Year of The Daddy Blogger.  I decided to dust off the site and see what we can do with it and go back to that passion I had when I was a new father and blogging was in its infancy.  I suppose once you are a parent there is always that nagging feeling that you want to continue to be a daddy to something new and this is what I have brought into the world next.  Where does it go from here?

The hashtag #DadsTalking is being used quite often now and I have added that to the sidebar here for the time being so that we can all see what Dads are talking about and what they are saying about anything Dad.  Follow along.  I am seeing many more begin to catch on to its use and I am learning anything from what not to eat to commiserating with the guy trying to put his kids to bed.  If you are a Dad on Twitter, you can follow along with me at @Genuine or certainly you can follow @DadsTalking too.

We are in the early planning stages of moving forward with Dads Talking and I am encouraged by what I have heard from parenting communities, some brands, and the Daddies themselves.  This will take off faster than I expect and will probably take on a mind of its own if I things progress the way they have.  Thanks for visiting here. Feel free to make yourself at home.

Keep talking Dads, some of us are listening.

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