First Look: Logitech’s Washable Keyboard

Don’t you just love reading all the articles which detail which parts of the home are generally the most germ ridden? One of those areas is often your computer’s keyboard and with little hands smearing, well, whatever they last had in them all over, it’s no wonder those keyboards usually place in the top 5 nastiest items!  Mom and dad, worry no more because today, Tshaka Armstrong showed off a brand new keyboard from the folks at Logitech that aims to end your woes. The K310 Keyboard is the first full keyboard that is washable, meaning, you can submerse it in up to 11″ of water and use dish soap to clean it. No harsh chemicals, solvents or alcohol though!

You can find it online at for $39.99.

Tshaka also brought out the fun with Mattel’s AppTivity line of products, featuring toys for the games Fruit NinjaAngry Birds and some great interactive Hot Wheels toys. All of them actually work in tandem with iPad games which are free to download from the Apple App Store. You can find these online at various e-tailers beginning around $12.00.

This is a repost from my on-air segment here:

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