DAD: Teacher, Father, Geek, Nerd

I love being a parent! Last night I had the privilege to be: teacher, father, geek and nerd… all in one explanation.

My son was doing physical science homework and was having trouble grasping the fact that an atom has a neutral charge when its nucleus has a positive charge. I was explaining to him how the proton, electron and neutron were all smaller parts of the whole and it was still wasn’t turning on the light above his head until I explained it like this:

They’re all parts of the whole just like those 5 lions. Those 5 awesome lions who all have incredible powers on their own, but when they come together they form one kick arse robot called Voltron. You see, separately, they’re all lions but together they form something new and different… a giant universe protecting robot.

The light went on immediately and he said, “You know what dad? I’m going to remember that and use that! It also helps that I have a die-cast metal Voltron on my desk as a great visual aid (well, it was on my desk.. the mrs. put it in storage. big mistake). I actually thought to myself, “Well played sir!” Yeah.

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