Penn State… Time To Talk

About three months ago, I wrote a post detailing an opportunity I had recently received. I now handle social media over at Fox11 in Los Angeles and, let me tell you, it has been an incredible learning experience and a humbling privilege to help blaze a trail for the future of local broadcast journalism. In the time since I began, I’ve dropped in on an Occupy Los Angeles LiveStream session and helped connect my organization with the people at the front of that cause locally. I’ve been involved in some serious breaking news events where we gathered real-time information via the web and brought it into our broadcast and I even held my first Google Hangout concurrently with a newscast… the day of the Conrad Murray verdict. All that said, I think that tomorrow night may be the most important step in this journey so far!

Something heinous is taking place on the other side of the country from Fox11 in Los Angeles, yet its reach is immeasurable. In some way, shape, or form, the atrocities committed against young boys by some at Penn State University (I know the acts of pedophilia  have been committed by only one, but the lack of action by others makes them guilty by association in my estimation) have shocked the nation, causing others to speak out about their own experiences with molestation. Tomorrow night at 9PM PST, at Fox11 in Los Angeles, I will be a part of a team leading a virtual discussion which precedes a broadcast discussion about much of the news still coming out of the Penn State scandal and the ramifications of sex crimes of the nature Jerry Sandusky has allegedly committed. We will be joined by a fellow blogger who has been very vocal and has pulled no punches when it comes to this topic, who blogs at SportsbyBrooks. We will also be joined by one of our anchors, Liz Habib and our legal analyst Robin Sax who has prosecuted sex crimes and brings unique perspective to the discussion as a former D.A. and a mother. Brooks will have some new info on the scandal and Liz who often handles our sports coverage will piece together where the story is now and the bigger picture which may now involve politicians in Pennsylvania.

You can join the discussion first by participating in our live webcast which begins an hour before our 10PM PST newscast at and on Twitter by using the hashtag, #Fox11Talks. I will also be running a Google+ Hangout from my own personal account to take question from my friends and followers there at We will be cutting in during the 10PM broadcast and bringing the dialog to our viewing audience on channel 11 and then at 11:30 on channel 13 as well.

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