12 Gifts Our Dads Wish For Christmas

Just in time for Christmas shopping on Black Friday and the online shopping spree that is about to take place on Cyber-Monday, we daddies at Dads Talking would like to share our three top gifts we would like to see under the tree.  You know, that gift that would make our year, and the gift that does not involve mommy and mistletoe–another post for another time.

I asked all the Dads in our crew what they wanted for Christmas this year.  You can get a good look at what we think is important in our world.  This is not a list for all Dads, but I would bet that many Dads out there would be very thankful for these to be included in their loot under the tree.

We didn’t want to just make this a Christmas list, apparently a couple of the other Dads wanted to make sure that those celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any of the other holidays could have a list of things that would be good for any of those celebrations as well.  I think we are drafting another list for those in the tribe perhaps and I can always make up a second wish list for that too!

I am going to kick off the list with my own gifts because, well, I like to be first.

1. I am an aspiring couch potato and love the idea of sitting all day on the couch watching football or enjoying a crystal shaking, picture tilting, surround sound movie and I would love to have a Samsung – UN60D7000 – 60″ LED-backlit LCD TV – 1080p (FullHD).


2.  The new craze in gadgets for many is being able to carry a library of books in your carry on bag or have an instant movie to allow the kids to watch a movie when Daddy has that conference call or a meeting where he thought it might be a good idea to bring the children.  For this task I would love the new Kindle Fire.


3.  In 2007 I was lucky enough to make the transition from PC to Mac.  This is one of the best business decisions I have made and since that time I have purchased an Apple iMac desktop computer, and have been an evangelist since my first day of use.  I really need to get the latest version of the Mac Book Pro as mine has been through major use including living through being dissected and taken apart by Adam in Las Vegas.  Enough said.

I think that is what I had as the top three but perhaps I can come up with more if pushed. Our car is giving us the headaches but perhaps that is a little large for fitting under the tree.

I am very interested in what Adam has on his list because he is always trying out awesome gadgets and reviewing products that are cool.  He started it off with something that was not only Dad friendly but was a highlight for the kids too.  I think my kids will be standing in line to go to Adam’s house!

4.  The game system that is sure to be on many kids’ lists as well as those that are into the greatest game experience is the XBox 360 Console. This is going to be a hot item as we recently went to BestBuy only to have to stand in line to demo the unit.  Wow, those kids are great at playing this game console.

5.  Our friends over at Kodak have influenced the next choice that Adam wanted in the Kodak W730S Pulse 7-Inch Digital Frame.  It is also available in a 10 inch model too.  I drafted and deleted 6 different quips after writing that last sentence.

6.  Adam finishes with a gift that every Dad is sure to want as part of his man cave.  In fact I think it could be a centerpiece of any dad’s hangout.  Actually, my wife might like this one too.  He has picked the Krups and Heineken BeerTender B100 with Heineken Draught Keg technology.  I married my beer tender.  This may be a close second.

Not to be outdone on the great ideas for Dad, Tshaka always proves to have some very unique ideas and I was surprised that we made our way out of the electronic gadgets and into some true style.  After having gone from the editing room to being a face of his new job, Tshaka brings the chic.

7.  When I think of men’s hats I think of that baseball cap you throw on when a shower is out of the question but not Tshaka, he is wanting to find The 500 Fedora from Goorin Bros.  They say that “The 500 is inspired by classic car racing. ”  We all know this is the case because Tshaka is our wheel man.

8.  We don’t stray too far from the electronic gadgets on our list of the things we Dads want for the holidays when Tshaka next listed the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.  We will see many Dads wanting the latest phone as research has shown that Dads are more into mobile these days than are the Moms.  Google it, I am sure there is a stat that backs up my statement.

9.  Rounding out the geekiness that we are seeing on the list thus far, Tshaka goes with the Canon EOS 60D.  Tshaka is the new media player and this is a piece of equipment that shows you are serious about your career!

Josh is our last but not least Dad to be sure.  Josh was the first to send me his three must have gifts for the holidays and I can see his west coast lifestyle shine through.  It also makes me sure I want to be Josh when I grow up!

10.  Josh must be into that fitness thing as he decided first on the iPod Nano with the wrist strap (wrist strap not pictured).  He can listen to the latest tunes or even download his favorite audio books which may be the real reason and not fitness as he has to drive like 30 hours a week back and forth to work.

11.  The reason I think he wants to rock out and listen to audio books while commuting to and from work is because he is not on the lookout for smokey the bear which is why his next item is the Escort 8500 Radar Dectector.  All he needs now is a driver.

12.  The next item and the final item that rounds out the 12 Dad Gisfts for Christmas is the Apple software Apeture 3 picture editing software.  I suppose when people ask us if we are Mac or PC you all can guess where we stand.

This is really a cool list of items and frankly I could take any three you want to send. By the way we didn’t use a single affiliate link and none of us were paid to wish for these items.  We truly would love to have them.  Send them over if you feel we have been good boys.  I’ll do all the wrapping and make sure we get them under the tree in the right place for me to have access to them immediately.  We at Dads Talking hope everyone has a full list of things they want to see under the tree and we hope you all get those items and more, but our true wish this holiday season is that all of you are safe, healthy, happy and experience the true spirit of the holidays with your family.

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