Navigating Life: Digital Shepherds’ Photo Shoot

One of the great things I love about the work I do is helping others! Having a skill or talent that blesses others, or meets someone else’s needs is more rewarding than I could put into words but as a non-profit, we also need people’s help to get our work done as well. People like PhotoBob who saw my wife and I on Midday Sunday on Fox11 in Los Angeles a couple months ago, emailed us, and donated a much needed service to our non profit Digital Shepherds… publicity photos. Those photos are important because I’ve been invited to speak as an “expert” guest on TV news and up until now have been using photos culled from various speaking engagements or pictures taken behind the scenes on shoots and though they’ve been sufficient, there’s nothing like professionally produced headshots and publicity photos. So, the task before us was traveling to PhotoBob’s studio in Irvine, California which as about an hour away from our home base.

I don’t get down around that way very often either, so it was great to have TeleNav on my phone to help me not only get where I was going on time despite a traffic snafu which temporarily took us off course (through no fault of TeleNavs), but then direct us to the nearest Joe’s Crab Shack for some awesome eats on the water afterward. What was even cooler was using a feature I haaven’t used that often! My wife and I decided to take two cars since we some family who was going to go with us to the shoot, then out afterward to eat and I was the one with PhotoBob’s address on my phone but my wife also has TeleNav on her phone so what did I do? Used TeleNav’s handy feature which allows you to send an address directly to someone else’s phone which will open in TeleNav on their phone and allow them to begin a navigation session to that destination. Winning!! Enough type though, on to the video.


The photos in the video and in the header of this post are the low-res photos we had access to for choosing our “select shots” so the images have not been balanced or retouched, ie, they’re not the finished product. You can hit PhotoBob’s website to see the gerat work he does and we recommend him if you’re in need of product shots, headshots, or any type of promotional photography. He rocks!!

Disclosure: I am a member of the TeleNav Navigator in Chief dad panel and was provided compensation to participate. While I have received compensation to participate in the program as I’ve said before, it’ll take a few million more to get me to drop a fixed review on you guys. And when I do, I’ll tell you I was paid very handsomely for that review so you’ll know that it’s shady. Promise! Cross my heart…

Video music courtesy:, Scott Altham -I Wonder If God Was Sleeping (Transcendence_Edit), DadsTalking theme- freestylemix, his boy elroy -Revolve

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