Kelly Means “Warrior”

My name is Kelly. It happens to mean “warrior”.  It’s fitting that I’m writing this post because I truly feel like a warrior some days. I’m a warrior when it comes to community building. It’s something I’m absolutely passionate about. I’m humbled to even have this platform to share what it is that I do.

I’ve been hosting community events for moms for the last 3 years.  I decided to get more heavily involved 2 years ago when I became the Chapter President for Mom It Forward. It started with 2 people: My friend Jess and I making sandwiches with a room full of college kids to pass out to the homeless. Fast forward to April 4th’s event… over 100 moms gathered for a night out. The past year has truly been amazing. Seeing moms come out of their homes to do something good or just letting their hair down has been nothing short of inspiring.

One of the reasons I’m such a warrior about community building is to teach my children about the importance of giving back. I’m setting an example of what it means to be a part of something bigger than I am. I’m showing them that giving our time, efforts, and money to a greater good is part of our responsibility. I’m showing them that being a supportive neighbor and friend is worth more than anything this crazy world can afford.

So often, we get wrapped up in our own lives and forget about those less fortunate than we are. We forget about those who feel alone. We overlook those who need a friend. Stay at home moms (and dads) often feel like their sole purpose is to be at home and care for their home and kids. While this is very true… we often lose sight of the role model we can be to our family outside of our home. We forget about the lessons that can be learned by giving back to the community right outside our door.

I can honestly tell you that I’m overcome with emotion as I write this post. Images of events past flash through my mind. I urge you as parents to find a group to get involved with or start your own. Show your kids what it means to give back. Show them what it means to build a community of supportive friends and neighbors. Be a role model of sharing and showing love for the people around you.

Be a warrior in your community. Nothing will give you more joy than seeing your child develop compassion. The beauty in their innocence as they gather their beaten toys, in an attempt to give back, is beyond compare. You’ll not only grow as compassionate individual, but you’ll find that you’re a more loving and giving parent.

Kelly Loubet blogs at Everyday Childhood about family, fun, and everything in between. She is the Director of Marketing at Social2B and the AZ Chapter President of Mom It Forward. Find her on Twitter @childhood.









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