How Have Computers Improved You Kids Lives?

There’s something intrinsically cool to kids when it comes to many things “tech” and seemingly even more so when we begin to talk touch interfaces. Parents are letting their 4 year olds play with their touch screen smart phones, toy manufacturers are marketing to young children with interactive learning devices… they just seem to take to it all. Instinctively.
Looking at my own little ones, I can see how impactful computers have been in their lives and I can definitely see how access to information and some other very cool tid bits have definitely been a benefit to them, so the question I have for you in this, our final post sponsored by the awesome folks at Microsoft and Asus, is this:
How have computers improved your child’s life?

My answer: Currently, I’d have to go with Homework aid. With my children spanning Junior and Senior High, and my work schedule keeping me from helping sometimes (and my wife trying to help all three children at the same time), having the computer as a resource is often as good as my being home and helping. I’ll tell you why. In Los Angeles, the Public Library system offers homework tutoring from a live person, via computer, after school. This has become an indispensable resource along with Khan Academy videos!

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