Not Working? What Do You Do? What. Do You Do?

We’re back with Microsoft and Asus and this time we’re taking a look at the various ways we use our computers for recreation. This is always an intriguing question for me because so often we hear about how tethered to work people are with their technology that it seems like we’re always on our computers and connected devices for business purposes. This actually isn’t too healthy, so I’ve made a it a point to take short breaks every so often and engage my brain in something I personally enjoy. For me though, my work and my personal interests are the same. I’m passionate about family and internet safety advocacy so when I’m not working, I’m reading the latest news about technology so I can stay ahead of the curve. Helping keep families informed and children/teens aware of the pluses and the pitfalls in their digital world is what I do when I”m working AND when I’m not.
From time to time though, I do take a little diversion by playing some casual gaming. My current favorites are: Angry Birds, Gun Brothers, Doodle Jumper, Stupid Zombies and NinJump. Those and reading blogs and news via Pulse. How do you use your computer when you’re not working? Do you even want to be using your computer when you’re not working? Let us know by engaging with us via the module pictured above! Not only do you get to conversate with us that way, but you are getting your voice heard by some pretty awesome folks who really want to know what you think¬†(you can leave your comment below this post on in the Asus Conversations module pictured above)…

Full disclosure: Though the opinions expressed were solely my own, this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate.




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