What Wives Want To Know?

Look, we all know that this marital thing isn’t easy. So many times we men try to communicate what is really going on in our hearts only to have our words come out in such a way as to have the completely opposite effect we had  hoped for. Often, there’s such a fundamental difference in how the sexes communicate that it can lead to some real frustration! With that in mind, the awesome gal behind MommyToMommy.tv invited the Dads Talking crew down to tell moms all over the interwebz what many of us dads would really like for them to know. It’s a fast paced look at what a couple husbands think moms should know… take a look!

What Dads Want Moms To Know from Kimberley Blaine on Vimeo.

So, men… thoughts? What would you like moms to know? Ladies, how about you? Is there something you’ve always wanted to tell your husband but didn’t know quite how to do it?

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