Reconnecting The Fireproof Way

We have been talking quite a bit at Dads Talking in our chats on Twitter and other forums about the idea that we need to be able to connect with our spouses, or in some cases “reconnect.”  We have discussed the issues surrounding how hard that notion is when we have full time jobs, we have children we are catering to and every other excuse we can possibly name as a way not to make our spouses happy.  We hear about the honeymoon period being over in a relationship and it can be even worse after having children.  We lose the focus of the relationship, or we forget why we were with our spouses to begin with and lose sight of the real meaning of love and being married.

In our last chat we discussed connecting with our spouse and how we can come back together.  I brought up the movie done in 2008 by Kirk Cameron called Fireproof.  The idea behind Fireproof the movie is much like its tagline–never leave your partner behind.  The movie is about a fireman (Cameron) that is having marital problems.  He has disconnected with his wife and is ready to divorce her when his father tells him he needs to try one more time to make it work by going all out to actually love her.  The message is to basically begin courting his wife again as he would before they were married.  The movie is a great testament to those that have fallen into a rut wit their marriage and provides a great look on how to get your spouse back.

The movie has a spiritual connotation to it, but even with that message woven throughout the movie you need not see it in a religious light.  The actors may not receive any awards for their acting in the movie but the message is the real issue of this film.  If you just take the principles it teaches and put them to use, you too can reconnect with that spouse and loved one.  I recommend the movie because it came at a time in my life when my own wife and I were struggling to find ourselves.  I did feel what that fireman was feeling and I am sure you will too.  One of the cool things about Cameron in the movie is that he would not kiss anyone but his wife and the lead actress had to have a stand in for those scenes.  You guessed it, Kirk Cameron’s wife.

Because we really liked what this movie had to say and have found that it resonated with a few of our dads here, we’re going to do a giveaway and give you a chance to own the movie but ask one favor… if you win and after having watched the movie, find that it positively impacts your marriage, pay it forward and give it to someone else you know whose marriage may benefit from its message (again, AFTER you’ve watched it). We’ll announce the winner at tomorrow night’s Twitter party at 7PM PST/10PM EST.

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