Review: Piggyback Rider

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Didn’t take that long, but I have to boast.

It’s based on a product from the Lifshitz bros,

I just gave it a whirl and it’s called the Piggyback Rider.

For those of you who know your Beatles tunes I hope you sang that all the way through. If not, read it again and do so. It is so much fun!
Welcome to DadsTalking today! Glad you are here with me today as I am about to tell you all about an awesome product I have had the pleasure of trying out over the weekend. Dads and Moms, let me introduce you to The Piggy Back Rider. From Full Sail International, LLC and the Lifshitz brothers comes a must have accessory so genius in thought and simple in design that passing it up is just insane!
The Piggyback Rider is a ride on harness for children 2 1/2 to 7 years old and up to 60 pounds. Easy to use and fun for both child and parent. You strap the rider over your shoulders and secure it with the sternum strap. Attach the safety harness to your child. The child safety harness attaches to the rider for peace of mind and safety in case your child should slip. The child then stands on the aluminum bar that should be about belt level against your back, and they hold on to the hand loops on your shoulder strap. Then … OFF YOU GO! It is a safety minded piggyback ride without the strain of a child hanging from your neck or weighing you down by sitting on your shoulders.
I had the pleasure of taking The Piggyback Rider for a spin over the weekend with my 3yo son. He absolutely loved it! After making a few adjustments after our initial test walk, we took off again. It is always fun to have my son riding along when we go out and now we have a way for it to be safe and strain free. *note: before using your Piggyback Rider please read the instruction manual and become familiar with your product*
My Take on The Piggyback Rider
The Piggyback Rider will most definitely be the toddler accessory must-have in 2011! I absolutely love this product and cannot wait to get it out time and time again.  Even my little girl will soon be able to enjoy a nice safe ride as well! Everyone likes a piggyback ride and my children are no exception to that.  Overall, the Piggyback Rider experience was an awesome one. At first I had a little bit of discomfort around the shoulders where I am not used to having things strapped to me. However, after getting adjusted properly and spending some time with it, the discomfort went away and it was an enjoyable experience.
Final Analysis:  Two thumbs up from this dad of two toddlers. It is great to have found a product that is most importantly safe, but also making a great bonding experience with kids and even greater one. I would recommend The Piggyback Rider to all parents who spend a good amount of time out and about with their children or are looking for a great way to get the kids out and away from the TV. Fun, exciting, and not to mention the awesome looks you get when sporting The Piggyback Rider.
** That Little Disclaimer Wordage: Thanks to Full Sail International, LLC and for setting me up to be able to work with and review this product. I received a free product to keep and review for … HOWEVER I was not compensated to provide positive statements. The opinions expressed in this review are those of my own. For more information including the instructions for use and other helpful information please visit **

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