How To: Digital/Dating Abuse Prevention

Yesterday, we shared with you our visit to Liz Claiborne’s “A Time To Talk” Day, which deals with domestic violence, digital abuse and dating violence awareness and prevention by bringing together experts, teens and parents from varying fields and walks of life to chat with the media and get the word out. Well, we gave you tons of resources so you can raise your IQ on the subject matter, but what would that be without actionable steps from someone who is definitely qualified to help you with your awareness and prevention efforts where it really counts… in your own home. 41% of high school freshman and seniors experience abusive dating behaviors, so it’s important to take action now and follow some of the great steps Dr. Jill Murray shared with us during her interview.

Dr. Murray has spoken before Congress in Washington, D.C. on behalf of a teen dating violence bill as an invited guest expert and has given press conferences on the subject at the National Press Club in the same city. She is the author of best-selling books, including, BUT I LOVE HIM—Protecting Your Teen Daughter From Controlling, Abusive, Dating Relationships—which has been used as a textbook in countless high school and college courses.

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