UPDATED: 360 With The King!

*Update: We’d like to congratulate Sue Johnson on the win! She was announced as our winner for the contest on our radio show today. Thank you everybody for participating!*

Ok, here’s the skinny: Christmas is coming and you know your children want an Xbox360. I mean, come on? With the Kinect coming out and all, Madden ’11, Black Ops just dropped…get with the program dad! Better yet, get with “The King.” The Burger King that is. We already know your on board with the Dads Talking crew (‘cuz you’re here reading this right?) but the folks at Burger King want you to show them some love too so we’re throwing this contest and here’s what you’ll do.

  1. Leave us a comment here and “Like” us on our Facebook fan page! That’s it. And If you’re feeling real social, let us know which games your children are looking forward to playing on their new Xbox360 (courtesy of the fine folks at
    Burger King and Microsoft).
  2. If you really want to nail it, after you’ve “Liked” our fan page and left a comment, tweet about it and add the hashtags #DadsTalking and #BK360. We’ll give you an extra entry for the extra work!
  3. Those who’ve already entered in the photo contest are good to go! We gotcha!
  4. Be ‘the man’  – or mom- when your children unwrap that puppy Christmas morning (that is who it’s going to if you win, right? Riiiight)!

That’s it! Follow these updated steps (the last one will take care of itself) and you’re entered to win. The winner will be chosen and posted/notified on November 30th.

Aaaaaaand, go!

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