Mark Burnett: Big Money, Big Travel, Down To Earth

While at the BlogWorld Expo, the crew got an exclusive peek at the first 15 minutes of the new reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The great thing about the people we met at the peek, including Mark Burnett was that they took the show for what it was. It was serious business to be sure, but they answered some honest questions about Palin and how the public views her and how they may view her through the lens of this reality show. Heck, even the stickers they were handing out were tongue-in-cheek and read, “I can see Sarah Palin’s Alaska from my front porch!”

While we can’t show you the clip we saw, we got some great time in with Mark Burnett, the show’s creator/Executive Producer and what he share was honest, down to earth and great advice for dads.

Last, but not least, Mr. Burnett shared with the DadsTalking audience a little bit about what his future plans may be. Some faith-based family programming maybe? Check it out!

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