Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues

Charlie Sheen

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Rock bottom.  He hasn’t seen it yet.  He has come close, he has been on the doorstep a few times and seen the ugly head of that monster, but rock bottom?  Nope, not part of the landscape in front of him.  I am speaking of course of Charlie Sheen.  I watched with understanding as the Today Show played again and again (has anyone noticed their TMZ like ways?) the tape and footage of Charlie Sheen and talked ad nauseum about the ins and outs of his latest escapade of his off camera troubles.  Troubles with a capital “T” many of you may think.  You probably feel you would never be able to endure the hardships that he has gone through and have been a part of.  In your mind, it would be unthinkable.  Your “rock bottom” is obviously different, and we all have a different breaking point.  His is not here and may never be something that we see in the future.  I have on the other hand, seen rock bottom, and been there and back on separate occasions.  It is with that in mind that I wanted to discuss what I saw unfold with Mr. Sheen and talk about my thoughts and his role as Daddy.

With two daughters, Sam and Lola Rose, Sheen is given the title and the role of Dad.  He has been blessed to be a part of our fraternity.  This role brings with it the responsibilities of being a father and whether you are the “bad boy of Hollywood” or if you are the next patron saint of all things Daddy, nothing changes.  You have a responsibility and duty to carry out the role of Daddy from this point forward.  He is not doing the best job and at this point.  We have all messed up and made mistakes and had rough patches but this is having lasting and long term effects on those two little ones.

It’s a tough job being a Dad.  I get it.  I understand that being a Dad is probably the toughest job description I have ever had.  I have had some really crappy jobs that have some not so fun job descriptions, but none harder or more demanding than being Daddy.  Problem is, you can’t be fired from this position.  If that were the case, Mr. Sheen would have long been unemployed.  The unfortunate part of being a Dad is your kids have no choice in the matter either.  They don’t get to choose their Dad and they can’t call for a recount or get a new one with a call to the manufacturer.  There is no try again or there are no “do-overs” as my boys like to call out.

I have seen that rock bottom spot and woke from the dance that Mr. Sheen has been tapping and have heard that music play.  It is not a fun spot.  I looked into the mirror and questioned whether my Dad card should be revoked and whether my privileges should be taken from me.  It was another rock bottom after rock bottom.  I don’t think Sheen is there yet.  His coaches, yes he has a sober coach and a public relations coach and probably more of those type coaches in his arsenal, can’t tell him where that bottom is or whether he has reached it.  That is a place only he will know.  His actions tell me he is not there yet.  Perhaps a man unemployed, in jail, without his family, and worse case scenario, in the morgue, might be that point.  With a job still paying him big money and being on top of the world and on top of the game in Hollywood, doesn’t help.  I can only imagine the dark place those little girls have in the corners of their minds as they watch Daddy implode on himself.  Right now he is merely singing the blues, but when that music stops, I hope he can make it out the other side, and more importantly, whether those precious kids can also make it beyond what Daddy is leaving as a legacy.

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