DadWorld Expo

I hope you know by now that we’re not playing! We’re pretty darn serious about this “dad” stuff. I mean, we have to be…we’re dads. This is a matter of life and death! Literally. Look at the latest documentary, Waiting for Superman. Look at what’s going on with all the cyberbullying in the news headlines lately. Then, there was that dad on the bus. Now, more than ever, dads need to step up and we want to be among those men on the front line, in the thick of the battle. DadsTalking wants to be your cheerleaders and connectors and facilitators. We MUST encourage other men to stand up! It’s now or never and that isn’t a cliche. Look around you. People are broke and losing jobs. Families deteriorating. This is serious but so are we.

In the coming months, you’re going to see DadsTalking doing as much as we can to connect with other dad groups (as we already are in many cases) and link arms. We’re sounding the trumpet and looking to those who want to invest in helping us help dads, vent, connect, laugh, cry (yeah, we do that…sometimes), stand tall, admit wrongs and ultimately be better men, dads and husbands. To do that, we have to roar and let others know that we (all of us) exist and we’re not just some fringe group in the space looking for a cookie just for being here. No, we must think like dads, organize like men and be true to who we are.

To that end, we’re kicking off the social media aspect of our endeavors with a rooooaaaaaaad triiiiiiip! We’re going to Vegas for the Blogworld Expo and we’re going to be talking to dads about how they stay connected to their families from the road and what this whole “blogging” thing is about for them. We’ll be Ustreaming, YouTubing, live tweeting, doing radio and blogging about all the goings on and bringing you the inside track on Blogworld Expo with interviews and info from the movers and shakers in the blogosphere.

Ultimately, why should you care? Because social media in all its forms is so essential to connecting and spreading messages these days and boy do we dads have a message! The information gleaned from Blogworld has the potential to help so many refine and mature the methods and motivations by which we go about sharing our personal narratives in a way that can impact so many. This isn’t just about social media, it’s about social CHANGE media.

So, check with us next week on Wednesday, 12-2pm PST as we stream our road trip and chat with you via Skype (DadsTalking) about staying connected to home from the road. There will be plenty going on from and vids up on our YouTube channel as well so stay logged in and locked on.

As a side note: We REALLY want to thank all the dads who are already passionately sharing their personal narratives, harnessing technology and good old fashioned beating the streets to encourage, inspire and just share a laugh about this crazy awesome thing called fatherhood.

About Tshaka Armstrong

Tshaka Armstrong is the husband to one awesome wife, dad to three awesome children. On any given day you may find him posting internet & tech family safety info here and on his personal blog, or chatting with his tweeps when he's not dadvocating here. Join in the conversation, drop a line, share a joke and join him in encouraging each other to be awesome!