The Dads Talking Blog World Expo Grand Prize Giveaway

BlogWorld Badge I’ll get the disclosure part out of the way here as I begin my complete pimping of BlogWorld & New Media Expo and the great giveaway we are doing for that event in October.  I have been friends with the organizers since I first met them in 2006, and I was the conference director and social media director for the event in 2009.  To say that I think it is a must attend event is somewhat obvious, but let me say it again–BlogWorld & New Media Expo is a must attend event period.  2009 was the biggest and best year yet, but I am not at all ashamed to say that 2010 is shaping up to be bigger, better, and way cooler.  If you are in any way associated with social media, new media, old media or whatever other media you can think of, this is your event and you are missing out if you are not attending.

So let’s get to the real reason you are here, the giveaway.  That’s right, we here at Dads Talking are going to be giving away a full conference pass to BlogWorld & New Media Expo, and a roundtrip plane ticket to Las Vegas courtesy of our friends at Blog World Expo. *pause for effect*

A while back I asked many of you Dads if you were going to be in Vegas on October 14-16 so that I could meet with you. many of you if not all that said you wanted to go but couldn’t for reasons that you could not afford to buy a ticket or could not get a plane ticket, but you are now able to have that chance.

Here are the rules (following these directions is half the battle):

  1. You must write a blog post, or record a video or an audio podcast, and tell us why you want to go to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas.
  2. You must link to this blog post referring to the Dads Talking Blog World Expo Giveaway and include a link to Blog World Expo.  You must also give a thank you to @SouthwestAir and @BlogWorld and for extra credit perhaps use the hashtag #BWE10 in a tweet pimping your own post.  These guys are social media savvy so they will see the tweet and the post and will read your post.
  3. Tag your media with Southwest Airlines, Blog World Expo and Dads Talking
  4. Final entries must be submitted/posted by Thursday, September 30th at Midnight PST. The chosen winner will be announced on Saturday, October 2nd via the DadsTalking website and #DadsTalking Twitter Party (time to be announced).

Sounds simple enough?  Be creative. I know that impressing the folks at Blog World Expo is a big bonus.  Better yet if you get your friends to help you win, it will be better yet.  I will have them tell me the winner based on their votes.

The ticket is a full conference pass and a round trip ticket from anywhere that Southwest Airlines can take you to Las Vegas and back.

Dads Talking is very proud that we can offer this as a cool prize for our community and you deserve to win.  We will make sure you have a wonderful time and that you get to go to all the cool parties and we will make sure you can be on our show live from the show floor in Las Vegas.  This is a great opportunity to prove your talents and I hope I get to see you at BlogWorld & New Media Expo!

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