The Dads Talking Code of Conduct

We are men of principles and we want to set the example for our children and for Fathers everywhere. Dads Talking’s new friend over at Dad U has posted what he thinks should be the beginning of a code of conduct for us Dads and those that use the #DadsTalking hashtag. We yes dedicated a page to this as we get things geared up. It’s a good start for the Dads Talking movement! Thanks Dad U and we appreciate your permission to post this here.

#DadsTalking Bloggers Code of Conduct (17th Aug 2010)

Over the past few days, a select group of elite bloggers have teamed to create the greatest force in…(ED: who are you kidding)… OK, well some of us Dad Bloggers have congregated on Twitter. We’ve shared a joke or two and a live chat under the hastag of “#DadsTalking”. The capitalization of that’s important, otherwise we sound like a bunch of weirdo stalkers (the joke that won’t die). Seems like the humble beginnings of a coalition of chaos chasers (which, after all, is what we are blogging about).
Well, no new organization, as ephemeral as it is, will really be taken seriously unless it has a code of conduct (aka, a set of rules that we can throw at each other when we get overly pretentious). So here goes, my contribution to the genesis of #DadsTalking:

  • #DadsTalking COC

1. I will place higher value on my family than my blog/twitter, and will prioritize carefully so as to avoid the downward spiral into the hypocrisy vortex (HVX)
1. a. For those that need more specific guidance, this means: I will not blog/tweet during family time
2. I will empower other #DadsTalking bloggers as they strive to avoid the HVX, through adherence and accountability to rule #1
3. I won’t use other #DadsTalking bloggers stuff, even if it’s really good and I probably thought of it first, without proper acknowledgment
4. I will protect all kids in and around the #DadsTalking sphere
5. I will be respectful of opinions other than mine, even if they are totally wrong
6. I will not use the #DadsTalking hashtag for nefarious purposes, even when they deserve it
7. I will refrain from using the term “DaddyBlogger” when my kids are too cool for it
8. I will support fellow #DadsTalking bloggers with excellently witty comments on their blog posts
9. I will sporadically crack jokes about stalking

Dad U

Go over and visit Dad U and let him know you are a Dad that is listening!

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