A Disappointing Firecracker Day

I am often faced with teaching my kids about the disappointments of life.  Usually it is preceded by the use of the word “NO.”  We all have had to use it and if you are any kind of parent, you have seen the disappointment on the faces of your young ones.  I have at times joined them in their tears and put on that “bird perch lip” that my Dad used to say would allow a bird to perch there. It’s not much different this year for my 7 year old boys’ birthday.

You see, he thinks the entire country celebrates his birthday since he was born on the Fourth of July.  He is that Yankee Doodle Dandy and yes I call him the Firecracker Baby. In more ways than one he lives up to that moniker as I have always said he has a pretty long fuse but when it’s lit, you back back away quickly.

As many of you know, Colorado is on fire. We have the largest wildfires in our history happening right now and many people have lost homes and everything due to the tragedy at the High Park Fire, and the Waldo Canyon Fire.  Tragedies, describe them well yet somehow they seem natural and something that really is intended to work nature’s plan.

The drought conditions we have here and the already many days of triple digit heat spell disaster for a little boy wanting to watch Fireworks on his birthday. Not having fireworks on his birthday is somewhat like a bachelor party without strippers and alcohol.  It’s a pretty big letdown.  I think I may have saved the day however as we discussed other options.  The amusement park might be an acceptable alternative as might be the idea of seeing “The Amazing Spiderman” and making him “King For a Day”–“It’s Good To Be The King.” Dealing with disappointment is something we have to teach all of our kids.  But birthdays are especially tough to learn that most important lesson. For a boy that is turning 8, it is the end of the world.


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