The Avengers Movie, A Genuine Review

When my wife told me what she wanted to do for fun this Mother’s Day, it was like a getting a double bonus on your favorite game–she wanted to see the new Avengers movie.  We have all heard about the record breaking box office money the show has been making and the number of people across the country that are standing in lines to see the movie, but little did I know that this was not just the result of a good media blitz and a good PR campaign.  The movie is worth every penny and I am sure the pennies mounted up after they paid the costs associated with the all star cast and the great CGI and special effects people that made this movie worth paying for, not once but twice, and also when it comes out on DVD, it will break more sales records.

I was glad we didn’t wait for this one to come out on video or on cable, because even with my surround sound system and a larger television on its last leg, I would have missed the theater experience that made my chest vibrate and my two young boys crawl on my lap with a bit of anxiety.  The movie is mostly for older audiences and the kids thought that it was totally awesome but there were a few lines that kids probably didn’t need to hear and there were a few situations I wondered might cause some adult therapy later, but for the most part we were heroes for letting the younger ones see the movie with us.

The movie was billed as a blockbuster and it has taken years to get to this point as they set up the movie with prequel type movies with each superhero getting their own separate movie.  All but Hawkeye and Natasha have had their own series of movies that introduced them to us and made them a part of our world.  Natasha and Clint should get their own movie just to play out the sexual innuendo and tension between them.  They had great chemistry in the movie.

It’s worth it and the fact that we took our kids to the movie and it passed our test should make it okay to take your kids.  We are a stronger filter than some families but I think this is one that will be a keeper.  This is going to be a movie that we will not see end anytime soon.  As we see Batman continue and add story lines and characters, this is one that has unlimited amount of offshoots, stories and characters to be introduced.  My hope is that they can continue to keep the characters for a while and that egos and box office contracts do not keep them from producing the stories and future films. I can assure you celebrities, this is good for your career and will help pay the mortgage for years to come.

I had an overwhelming amount of IM’s and messages and emails from those that equate the “Genuine” brand to that of Captain America.  Yes, I enjoyed every minute of Steve Rogers and the scenes involving him and his personality.  I always want people to associate that coolness with Cap and of course my own blog and Twitter account.  I did get to hear something that made me take note when during the final battle scene when Captain America turns to Hawkeye and says:

Steve Rogers: You think you can hold them off?
Clint Barton: Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.

Captain Genuine salutes you! Thanks to the folks from Marvel for that shout out.  Of course, I am always available for cameos in any of the follow up movies!  I would love to be a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and do my part to fight the forces of evil! I would even be soldier #6 that gets cut to pieces by an alien laser or some other fate. Go see the movie and next time you see me, I’ll give you the secret handshake. Go be a part of the team!

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