What Dads Are SAYing About Gadgets

Ok, we’re Dads Talking right? So, we were very enthused when SAY Media and Microsoft approached us about the Asus Slate! Talking about tech is almost as fun as talking about our families. What was really exciting was the opportunity to be a part of a broader conversation about how we, the dads, parents and other users want to use the products that we’ll be buying in an age where it seems like some would rather to tell us how to use a product. Just like we did, we hope you’ll take the time to get involved in the dialogue… I’ve seen way too many people complain about what they didn’t get in a device and now’s your chance to have your voices heard and your input counted! I think this is an especially poignant moment, given some of the discussions that have been going around about the impact we dad bloggers are having with brands and speaking to the other half of the equation… fathers/husbands.

The question posed to DadsTalking.com editor, Tshaka Armstrong was:
What is the best way to connect with your kids using a tablet?

I’d have to say that games AND movies would be the best way to connect with my children using a tablet. Having both a daughter and sons, I connect differently with each of them. My daughter isn’t much of a gamer, but we’ve carved out special “daddy/daughter” time by enjoying horror movies together. I personally don’t care much for scary movies, but she really loves them and we have a great time going to see them together, so watching them on a tablet together would be great fun and a great way to spend time. My sons on the other hand are Xbox360 fanboys and have Live accounts so being able to spend time with them, gaming via tablet, would be awesome!

So, what do you say? What does that connection look like for you? Your answer to the question asked of our editor, what is the best way to connect with your kids using a tablet, is (you can leave your comment on the homepage in the Asus Conversations module pictured above)…

Full disclosure: Though the opinions expressed were solely my own, this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate.

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