The Social Factor: Social Media For Kids

Ok parents! I want to take a second to ask you to help spread the word. As a digital literacy and media literacy advocate and speaker, I can tell you first hand that there are a lot of traps out there for children on the social media landscape, but if you’re on this computer even half the amount of time as some of us who do this for a living then I’m sure you know as well. In recent months the social media landscape has been in bloom opening up new sites and Facebook alternatives for our children. One such site is, a great site for children which is lead by an awesome mom, Mary Kay Hoal, who also has a section of the site where speaks on and informs parents about the gotchas out there on the landscape. Coming up is the part that some may tune out, but this post is about getting the word out, not politics, so please stick with us…. Recently, with Michelle Obama in the news for saying that Facebook IS NOT for children, Bill O’Reilly spent some time speaking on this on his show but we need to do our part to make sure that more time is spent talking about this and that the alternatives to Facebook are brought to the fore so that parents will know that they exist. I can tell you first hand from having spoken at schools and PTA meetings that there are more parents who don’t know about many of the wonderful places for children online than those that do so I’m asking you to do two things:

1. Email the O’Reilly Factor at [email protected]

2. Please include your name and the town you live in otherwise it won’t count.

There is nothing in this for the Dads Talking crew beyond helping spread the word about an awesome site for children, and ultimately helping to expose more parents throughout this country to an exceptional alternative to allowing their young children to go on Facebook. Thank you for reading this and giving us your time… stepping off the soapbox now. 😉

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