Hobbies/Toys and Our Toy State Twitter Party!

Hopefully, many of us have fond memories of the hobbies we were involved with as a child. If you weren’t in that group that had a lot of hobbies as a child, hopefully you’ve still been able to share in that with your children now. I remember getting involved in all kinds of things as a kid. I was one of those children that had get involved with everything but stuck with very few things. I was involved with ice skating, skate boarding, BMX racing, cycling, model cars, and of course R/C cars!

I remember my dad helping me build the R/C car and then my Mom helping me to put all the graphics on and paint it. She was involved with Graphic Advertising back in the day so that was her thing. If I were trying to give you the impression that I was a hard working child (or even adult for that matter) I would probably say I spent the whole summer working my butt off to save for the car. That wasn’t exactly the case though. It was more like; I spent the whole summer convincing my parents why I needed such an expensive toy. I did get a lot of use out of it and even though I eventually outgrew playing with it I always kept a fond place in my heart for that car.

I’m not sure how it is with girls (primarily cause I’m not one) but boys love their cars and they like things that go fast. Then when you combine that with the control of the car and say, a brick wall? You’ve got fun!! My son (at 14 months) isn’t quite asking for an R/C car but I know he will soon. I’m all about my little Olivia playing with cars though too. If she grows up to want the cars and the rough and tough stuff and he grows up to like basket weaving, then so be it.  We can present them the things that interested us as children but the real exploration begins when your little ones find out what they really like.

That is really what the fun part is for me as a Dad! Sharing the hobbies and similar toys that I played with as a kid while watching them as they play. Learning that they like some of the same things I did and then to see that they have other interests adds a different depth to it. I see that they’re little versions of me but better versions of me because they have their own interests too.

I hope you’ll be joining us tonight as we celebrate hobbies and toys and all things that put smiles on our little ones faces! By adding the hashtag #DadsTalking to any part of your tweet you will be instantly attending tonight’s Twitter Party (7pm PST/10pm EST). What’s extra special about tonight’s Twitter Party is that Toy State will be sponsoring it! We’ll be giving away great toys! I’m sure you’ve seen them in stores like Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. However, you can also find out more about them by visiting their website here! It’s toys like these that allow you to have fun with your own kids while being whisked back in time to those childhood days of your own!

If you’ve missed the Twitter Party, don’t worry cause we’re always sharing stories online and on our site. In the future there should be other opportunities to win some great Toy State prizes but you don’t have to wait. The holidays are coming and you can find them at your favorite toy store!

Happy Hobbying!

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