Rocking the boat!

My mother always said I had a face for radio – I figured this one was better said in with the written word… Over the last year the coined term year of the dad blog has been tossed around just about daily. I’m not going to argue the merits of if it is or isnt thats not the point.  I want to talk about how we’re now becoming a social force, its seen very day but by brands, by brand reps (public relations or advertising), its seen most by the moms.  What used to be a few has now become many. What is now many will become the norm. The same way it happen to the mom bloggers it will happen again (yah I’m a matrix fan)… but truth be told it might be slightly different.

Last week a men’s conference was held – I’m just point it out –  it was truly the gathering of some of the leaders of this moment.  I really loved Ron’s write up [Link] because it lays some of the clear differences between men and women in this space.  I’m sure as the pool of bloggers grow they’ll be more people to fill in these spots of the freebie blogger as Ron talks about.

I think this is all about community maybe we should call it a Fraternity. I was in a Fraternity in college it was some of the great male bonding moments in my life. For the most part this is what I see happening in this space, we have the alphas, the betas, and all the other houses… We have the jocks, the stay at homes, we got the 9-5er, we’ve got the single dads, its great! Best part is we’re adults (for the most part) so we’re all for the most part getting along.  I dont see why not there is plenty of room in this sandbox, even if I have to break Josh’s back bringing in more sand to fill it! (if you dont get the joke you didnt see last nights post [Link]).

At the same time we’ve become a movement a redefinition to what is a social/digital parent! We are all pushing these lines in the sand – recently there was a call for people to submit entries into something called Project Mom I was the only guy/dad to submit and was told that and thats why there wasnt a place for me. I get it – we didnt rock the boat since then there was a casting call from iVillage for a new project called iVoices. Once again I applied this time it was a little different out of 500+ women and moms, I was the only guy! To my shock I was picked as a finalist!

Check this out as they really discuss it how there was only 1 guy! [Link] Now if I win that would be amazing and if not I hopefully pushed that door open just a little bit.  I also recently saw Babble’s top 50 twitter moms great list – I know many of them personally and in real life. I also got to meet a few new people and start to follow a bunch of women I didnt know at all… They also put up a nomination area for the public to say who they missed… someone dropped my name in there and well I think its awesome that people are event thinking about me but also know I want this to not only be a mommy and a daddy world but also a parents world.

We need to rock this boat!

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