Education: Dumbing Down Our Children in America?

I have been gearing up for the first round of parent teacher conferences and have already had some interesting conversations with the teachers in the middle school where my daughter attends.  I can see how the world has changed from when I was in school to where my children are now.  I am sure it was the same in the eyes of my parents.  I hear the old saw of “What are they teaching these kids?”  Our system seems to be broken.  The following video is a sobering account of where we are in our education system today.

I can’t say that I blame any one sector, be it the school administrators, the teachers and educators, the society we are currently living in or if it gets back to the basics of one thing, parents.

The folks over at Waiting For Superman are looking to change the current trend by educating us on the state of the education system.  The film debuts today on NY and in LA.  You can make a pledge to see the movie and help a good cause at the same time.  Get over and take a look at their site and what they have as a message.  Are we losing the education race?  It seems from the video above that we may be losing and continuing the spiraling.

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