The Dads Talking $100 Date Night

It has been a while since my wife and I have been on a date night–that night where we get to do something for just us adults.  We always joke about the idea that we have had a few date nights since we had our firstborn and the result was three more kids.  We found some correlation to date night and kids from that experience and we put an end to it!  Not date night, but, well, that is another blog post for another time.

I love date nights.  The idea of not having to worry about the kids and maybe catching a movie and holding hands and doing those “courting” things we Dads love.  Admit it guys, even the most macho of us loves a romantic evening!  Sure, it may end with the theme song from ESPN, but we love to get out and be that “Knight in Shining Armour” and be not “Dad” but more like the Old Spice Guy… sorry again another post perhaps for another time.

I know that many of you have no idea how you are going to pay for a night on the town, so I want to help you out and provide the Benjamin myself.  I know that some of you when I first spoke about this said that $100 is not enough for the babysitter (I am in the wrong business apparently) but this might just allow you to have a dinner and a movie or whatever it is you enjoy with your loved one sans children.  I’m not talking about dinner at the local steakhouse with a bottle of wine, I am talking about the local joint where you don’t have to clean up or do the dishes after you eat and you don;t have to worry about spills or burning down the restaurant (nobody has done that?). Here are the rules to get that $100 for your night out:

Tell Us Why?

Why should you be given a night out?  Perhaps you haven’t had that night out since the baby was born – and I feel for you, my wife and I didn’t leave our first until she was walking.  Maybe you lost a job or finances are tough and you want to go to a movie before we find you in a fetal position in the corner.  Any reason works for me.  Be creative.  I have seen it and been there and done that so I can commiserate.

What Will You Do?

This is where we will all be living vicariously through you as we imagine how cool it would be to be you on this night. Are you going to take a carriage ride in the city?  Are you going to drink beer and watch monster trucks?  Perhaps you are going to jump out of an airplane or sit in a coffee shop, hold hands and read that novel uninterrupted?  Anything you think is special for you and your loved one for a date night is what we want to hear.  Again, be creative and tell us all of your plans (keep it PG for goodness sake).  Planning is always most of the fun!

What I will Do

I will send you a $100 bill (probably in the form of a Visa Gift Card).  Yep, its that simple!  You get the cash after I get your address.  Impress me and I will choose you.

What You Need To Do

I need you to tell us why you want the $100 and then describe your date night.  I need you to do this on your own blog/website/video blog/podcast or other medium.  This allows us a reason to come and visit you and find you and of course add you to our Daddy Blogger list.  Provide a link to this post so we can find it.  After your date night, we want to live the experience through you and would love you to guest post here to tell us of the fun you had.  Then we can all benefit from the fun time you had while we stayed at home with the kids!  You can post here about where you went, what was most memorable, or the fun things you experienced. We all love to hear the stories!

Remember to tweet out your posts using the hashtag #dadstalking.  That way the whole Daddy community can read your post.  We all want to know what you want to do for your date night!  This is a night especially made for you and your loved one.  They deserve it and so do you! We just want to be involved and hear all about what you will do on your Dads Talking $100 Date Night!

UPDATE:  We will be announcing the winner in one week on September 1, 2010!

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